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What the hell is MELOHMAN?

Melohman is the new cutting-edge set of technologies developed by Ohm Force to improve the global play experience that a musician can get with any virtual instrument. It relies on a few original concepts. First, a user-defined octave on the keyboard, that can be used for exotic pleasures such as preset morphing, randomisation and various grouped parameter modulations, depending on the instrument. Second, exhaustive MIDI matrixes with adjustable response curve. Third, a user-friendly interface that allows to take advantage of the global concept in a glance.

First Melohman instrument will be the Symptohm:Melohman and will be released at the beginning of December. It is an innovative synth based on a unique synthesis type the SyncGrain, a built-in filter bank (the Quad Frohmage one) deeply integrated with the instrument play parameters and a policy of monthly patch release on the web.

Second one will be a Minimoog emulation co-designed with GMedia Music. This one will bring the analogue emulation concept to a new level, not only sounding as close to the original as the Oddity with the Arp Oddissey (which means very very close) but actually offering far more in term of play and modulation experience, thanks to Melohman.

Other Melohman VSTi should be released under different brands soon and are currently in negotiation. Expect a global announcement at next Winter NAMM.

Note: Mélomane means Music Lover in French.