Ohmfriends at Mixmag special birthday edition!

The british magazine Mixmag is celebrating its 25th birthday. Launched in 1983 targeting – the yet embrionary – DJ and music producers market and distributed only by regular subscriptions, it’s been already several years it became an editorial monster, being some kind of major reference bible for all the electronic music fans and artists around the world. It’s easy to realise its importance for the electronic music scene when we take a look to this 25th Birthday Special Edition cover picture – an expandable one, actually – with nothing less than 25 of the most important electronic stars of the last decades, from Fatboy Slim to Goldie, from Sasha to LCD Soundsystem. Between these cover stars, we gladly found some ohmfriends: Keith Flint, Maxim and Liam Howlet from Prodigy. Liam has even recently sent us an inspired quote, and tells a lot about the early times of the electronic music scene as you’ll see at this little interview during the cover photo booth.



All the 25 have personally shown their faces for the London’s photo session and gave interviews about electronic music most important moments from 83 until now. Their points of view used to be very different about some aspects, what makes this Mixmag edition not jut an interesting compendium, but also an important document of the recent young-electronic-pop-music phenomena of this last 25 years. Many others video excerpts were filmed during the photo session: it’s funny to see people so different one from another chilling together, as we see for example Dizzie Rascal and Paul Van Dyk together talking a lot (I’m curious to know about what!)…


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