Is the surgery finished doctor? Can I now have my Ohm stuff?


“I was planning on taking part in the yesterday’s 50% off event, BUT instead I had to have a surgery!!! and I am not kidding about it! I am recovering now, but have the access to laptop now.Would you be kind enough and make it possible for me to make a purchase today?

Hoping,Sincerely, xxxxxx”


Our party time price 21th price reduction was a great success. Every well informed guy in the world was able to benefit of it. Every but Mr. P.S. from and Art & Design Scholl at Minneapolis, USA. At the very moment, he felt sick and had to be taken to the hospital for an urgent surgery. Shiiiiiitttt! General anesthesia, deep sleeping. And when he wakes up, thanking god to be still alive, what’s the first thing that comes at his mind? “Fuck! I lost Ohm Force promo!”. And then he wrote us the above mail. Of course we don’t need to need that it’s that kind of psycho we love SO MUCH. Cheers to all Minneapolis artists and production scene; and our best wishes for Mister PS recovery.



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