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Ohm Force antidote for cell phone popcorn!!!

During last months we have been surprised to see a lot of youtube videos showing how innocent cell phones could be dangerous ’til the point of creating so much radiation that it pops corn into popcorn, as you’ll be able to see here, here and…. here. Nowadays everyone uses a cell phone, so we realized: “oh God! so it means we’re all condemned to have brain cancer and children with three arms?” Unfortunately, yes. We then looked at each other wondering… “What force in the world could be even more powerful, enough to be an antidote for all this danger and save the world?”. Well, you could imagine the answer.


One day they will take control of his house! or “Mauve Force’s fourth cat”

A few weeks ago we’ve shown you DúlinMauve Force’s third cat. Three cats? Yes. Everybody could agree that three cats at an appartement is already quite enough. Sometimes even a big mess. But Mauve Force just don’t care about world’s unfair way of looking at things, and have already taken a fourth one. He and his wife will love them all, the same way, the same low fat milk, the same whiskas flavor. The Sindarin name tradition goes on at this happy family: the cute black hairy tennis ball below it’s called Dínen, which means something like “silent, quiet”.


America’s most unwanted song!

A guy tried to produce the most unwanted song of the United States. It could be much easier, he was just supposed to call us to play some instruments and he could have some kind of “World’s most unwanted song”, but he decided to make it for real, with loads of research and stuff like that. So he found that “The most unwanted music is over 25 minutes long, veers wildly between loud and quiet sections, between fast and slow tempos, and features timbres of extremely high and low pitch, with each dichotomy presented in abrupt transition. The most unwanted orchestra was determined to be large, and features the accordion and bagpipe (which tie at 13% as the most unwanted instrument), banjo, flute, tuba, harp, organ, synthesizer (the only instrument that appears in both the most wanted and most unwanted ensembles). An operatic soprano raps and sings atonal music, advertising jingles, political slogans, and “elevator” music, and a children’s choir sings jingles and holiday songs. The most unwanted subjects for lyrics are cowboys and holidays, and the most unwanted listening circumstances are involuntary exposure to commercials and elevator music. Therefore, it can be shown that if there is no covariance—someone who dislikes bagpipes is as likely to hate elevator music as someone who despises the organ, for example—fewer than 200 individuals of the world’s total population would enjoy this piece.” This song could be a true audio weapon, indeed. Curious about that? Here you’ll find more info…


Ohm Force loves Denmark!

 The Kingdom of Denmark is a very cool place. Not just because the pretty danish girls, or even because delicious stuff like their frikadeller and all kinds of smørrebrød; but also because they make very good music. The great Trentemoller – for example – is from there. Who is actually a recent ohmfriend, since he bought the whole Ohm Force collection at Cyberfarm, last May. If you live in Denmark, you must visit Cyberfarm: the coolest danish store, with the best marks and the best advice. And it seems Trentemoller is not their only talented customer: spotlights at Daniel Barylak, who have just won Cyberfarm + Ohm Force  recent production contest. The challenge was about creating an 8-16 bars sized track only using Ohm Force plug-ins. And Barylak has done a nice job! We pass the mic to Daniel himself, who’s gonna talk a little about it:

What Ohm Force plug-ins did you use in each instrument? And why did you use it that way?
“I used the OhmBoyz, Mobilohm and Hematohm-effect in pretty much all the instruments – except the kick. The reason why I used them,  is because of the “alive-effect” they produces. The OhmBoyz effect produces a very complex and good sounding delay, very easy to use and tweak. I used it for clap/ hi hats / shaker to make a weird and crazy effect.I did’nt use the Hematohm that much. Think I used it for some background noises. I used Mobilohm for the phaser-effect in the beginning of the track. I used the Symptohm for synths.”

What was your inspiration for this track?
Well, I was just playing around with the effects in some random arrangements, but then it hit me, that it sounded crazy. It kinda rocked. So I opened a new arrange and just picked a random bass synth in Symptohm, picked some drums, added the effect plug-ins and BANG! The track was made…. It just tells how easy and kinda fun the effects are.

What kind of music do you enjoy? And what artists are your favorites?
I mostly enjoy club music. Think I prefer house/electro, with a banging bassdrum and a crazy bassline!  But i have my days when i really can’t stand the banging music, and just prefer some easy listening. At this moment i like the german house/ electro producer Klaas. But of course I have to say I also do like my own house/ electro productions 😉

How is the music scene in Denmark?
I think R&b/ pop is dominating the danish music scene at this moment. Of course theres some few dance and electro hits, but its very mainstream here in Denmark.

And what about your productions? Where can we check it out?
Well, check out for some of my productions. Everyones is free to contact my for questions, remixjobs or other productions –

As winner, Daniel Barylak is now a happy ALL-ALL Bundle owner! At the picture is easy to recognize a classic happy danish face, already thinking about how many frikadellers he’s gonna eat to celebrate his victory!….


Korg nanoKontrol is a melohman dream!

Nowadays a lot of people produce on the go with laptops, make live concerts with laptops, and everyday a little bit more, have a laptop as their main music work center. In a studio is easy to pimp a laptop with several midi controllers, but on the go and live it’s not that easy to carry heavy hardware in your backpack all the time, and if you’re in a train or plane, no way at all to use controllers when composing compose. So that’s why all nomad producers will just love Korg’s new nanoKontrol series, with tiny midi controllers made to seat seamlessly in front or next you mobile computer. For all live artists working with Ohm Force plugins in wich you can browse and morph between presets with midi notes, it’s a dream coming true! At Korg’s main website there’s nothing for the moment concerning its price or release date; wich probably means that it will be released first only at the japanese market, and then in the rest of the world.


Mauve Force’s third cat

All ohmfriends know that cats are an important aspect of most Ohmforciens. Beside Plum force – who hates them with all his strength – everybody here have some sympathy for these mysterious animals. But it’s Mauve Force indeed our biggest cat fan, and he’s just got a third one. Her name is Dúlin, wich means “Nightingale” in Sindarin. First two ones are called Ancale and Aiwe – Mauve says it means “Sun” and “Little Bird” in Quenya. He just told me he and his wife are actually already planning to pick a forth one, but they haven’t done it yet because it’s being hard to figure out a second Elf name beginning with “D”. Any suggestions?



Ohm Force plug-ins at art installation in Edinburgh, Scotland

Magda, the Witchdoctor (Sowerby\'s installation)

We’re always very glad to see our plug-ins helping artits around the globe express theirselves, and we’re not talking just about musicians. Specially when it’s an independent artist, like Neil Sowerby – a plastic artist from Edinburgh – who added Ohm Force processed soundscapes to his last installation. It must have been great, since the pictures give us a fair preview of the ambiance and Sowerby’s explanation of his goals help us to try to feel as we used to be there:

“The art installation took place in April in an old warehouse in Edinburgh.  The concept was to build a trans-dimensional fairground, visible for only a few nights, that people could walk around, get equally scared and amazed and see some wonderful curiosities.

With one large room devoted to a Discotheque From Hell, the other was divided into zones such as Air, Dreams, Forest and Purgatory.  Around 12 different sound systems of varying size were installed: hidden behind scenery, in cupboards and hanging from the ceiling.  The aim was to make each zone unique in terms of soundtrack but also to allow the inevitable bleed between zones to be pleasant and in key… (continues, with some more text and several more pictures…)

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COHMPETITION: “An intro to Ohm Force Hematohm” (plugin overview)

Second submission comes from Barcelona, Spain! Juanjo Cotado show us all the crazy frequence torture and strectching we can do with this great effect, actually one of the 8 weirdest Ohm Force plug-ins. Watch it and if you think Juanjo could eventually deserve an ALL-ALL Bundle for his masterpiece, don’t forget to leave a comment on YouTube’s video page…


Suggestiohms for new plug-in names!

Ohm Force has ohm names. Love it or hate it, it’s always been this way. Our ohmfriend Hawk Duncan loves it, til the point of having a lot of fun while figuring out some suggestiohms for some new plug-ins. It seems this guy have big ohm skills – almost as strong as us – when we talk about ohm names, check this out:

Telefohm: EQ plugin for sounding like you are underwater or on the telephone or shitty microphone (Microfohm)

Ohmwrecker: a multiband stereo widener plugin with interesting filtering options to seperate/double sounds.

Lawn Gnohm: a synthesizer plugin with harsh oscillator or LFO functions to make it sound like the track is being put through a sprinkler.

Ohmbre: spanish word for “man”.  Make it smell like body odor and pistachios.

Ohm Sweet Ohm: a plugin for level matching between tracks using sidechaining?

Hohm Alone: synthetic theremin instrument to recreate those spooky sci-fi movie sounds!

Hippohmpotamus: sub-bass harmonic extender or other bass related plugin to make things fat like a hippo.

Cohma: dither plugin/noise generator (white/pink/brown/static/AC hum etc) the kind of noise that will put you to sleep.

Tick-Tack-Tohm: auto-panner/modulated effect (vibrato/whammy/wah)

Ohmelette: sound chopper for glitchy sounds. Shaken, beaten, but not stirred..

Anyone would be ready for an Ohm names battle with Duncan?


COHMPETITION: “Evil-fi your acoustic drum tracks” ! (tricks and threats)

The first cohmpetition submission is a tutorial for the Ohmicide:Melohman! The author is Eric Beam, from USA. He teaches how to tweak Ohmicide:Melohman til get your acoustic drum sounds EVIL-FIED! Eric is a drummer and often a synth freak, check out his two websites, here and here. Watch his tutoria and if you like it leave a comment not just here, but also at video’s page at You Tube. Most commented videos in its pages at You Tube or Dailymotion will get the “Public Choice” prize…