Ohm Force loves Denmark!

 The Kingdom of Denmark is a very cool place. Not just because the pretty danish girls, or even because delicious stuff like their frikadeller and all kinds of smørrebrød; but also because they make very good music. The great Trentemoller – for example – is from there. Who is actually a recent ohmfriend, since he bought the whole Ohm Force collection at Cyberfarm, last May. If you live in Denmark, you must visit Cyberfarm: the coolest danish store, with the best marks and the best advice. And it seems Trentemoller is not their only talented customer: spotlights at Daniel Barylak, who have just won Cyberfarm + Ohm Force  recent production contest. The challenge was about creating an 8-16 bars sized track only using Ohm Force plug-ins. And Barylak has done a nice job! We pass the mic to Daniel himself, who’s gonna talk a little about it:

What Ohm Force plug-ins did you use in each instrument? And why did you use it that way?
“I used the OhmBoyz, Mobilohm and Hematohm-effect in pretty much all the instruments – except the kick. The reason why I used them,  is because of the “alive-effect” they produces. The OhmBoyz effect produces a very complex and good sounding delay, very easy to use and tweak. I used it for clap/ hi hats / shaker to make a weird and crazy effect.I did’nt use the Hematohm that much. Think I used it for some background noises. I used Mobilohm for the phaser-effect in the beginning of the track. I used the Symptohm for synths.”

What was your inspiration for this track?
Well, I was just playing around with the effects in some random arrangements, but then it hit me, that it sounded crazy. It kinda rocked. So I opened a new arrange and just picked a random bass synth in Symptohm, picked some drums, added the effect plug-ins and BANG! The track was made…. It just tells how easy and kinda fun the effects are.

What kind of music do you enjoy? And what artists are your favorites?
I mostly enjoy club music. Think I prefer house/electro, with a banging bassdrum and a crazy bassline!  But i have my days when i really can’t stand the banging music, and just prefer some easy listening. At this moment i like the german house/ electro producer Klaas. But of course I have to say I also do like my own house/ electro productions 😉

How is the music scene in Denmark?
I think R&b/ pop is dominating the danish music scene at this moment. Of course theres some few dance and electro hits, but its very mainstream here in Denmark.

And what about your productions? Where can we check it out?
Well, check out www.myspace.com/barylak for some of my productions. Everyones is free to contact my for questions, remixjobs or other productions – info@barylak.dk

As winner, Daniel Barylak is now a happy ALL-ALL Bundle owner! At the picture is easy to recognize a classic happy danish face, already thinking about how many frikadellers he’s gonna eat to celebrate his victory!….


1 Response to “Ohm Force loves Denmark!”

  1. 1 Byriel
    June 17, 2008 at 21:08

    Lol this blog just made me feel proud about being a dane for the first time in my life! Denmark loves u too Ohm Force!

    “frikadeller and all kinds of smørrebrød” lol 🙂

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