Ohm Force antidote for cell phone popcorn!!!

During last months we have been surprised to see a lot of youtube videos showing how innocent cell phones could be dangerous ’til the point of creating so much radiation that it pops corn into popcorn, as you’ll be able to see here, here and…. here. Nowadays everyone uses a cell phone, so we realized: “oh God! so it means we’re all condemned to have brain cancer and children with three arms?” Unfortunately, yes. We then looked at each other wondering… “What force in the world could be even more powerful, enough to be an antidote for all this danger and save the world?”. Well, you could imagine the answer.


2 Responses to “Ohm Force antidote for cell phone popcorn!!!”

  1. July 7, 2008 at 23:30

    wow… timewarping that is!
    did you shoot this in reverse and had to, in editing, reverse it. That means it’s a shot of a simulated reversal, recorded backwards, and then manually reversed to get the desired effect?

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