OhmBoyz interface’s creatures become ALIVE !

“OhmBoyz Arpeggiator”, by Ducho from Argentina! Last hours of the cohmpetition submission period and it seems it’s time for the cherish over the cake: the Ducho collective from Argentina really kicked ass with this funny – yet very useful – OhmBoyz tutorial, showing how the use “the boyz” as a creative arpeggiator-like delay tool. It’s great to see all the OhmBoyz interface creatures becoming alive and guiding us through this wonderful delay journey. Big robot’s voice and style are priceless! Ducho is a collective made of members of the LuquidArgentina, a music production house for advertisements, take a look at their site if you enjoyed the tutorial.


13 Responses to “OhmBoyz interface’s creatures become ALIVE !”

  1. July 31, 2008 at 17:07

    hey, nice work. ohmboyz never ceases to amaze

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