Cohmpetition new dates and deadlines!

We’ve been really surprised with the great overall quality of the video tutorials you made. But it seems the most of you have fast read our blog or our last newsletter and immediately started to write, film and edit (maybe not exactly in that same order), because only a very few have carefully stated in what category the submission was supposed to be. Nevermind, bunch of lazy, we’ve just dictatorially decided in wich category each video would be. So now we have 6 cohmpetitors in the Plug-in Overview category and another six in the “Tricks & Threats” one. No complains or category changes will be accepted! And since two ALL-ALL Bundles will go for the most commented video of each category, and since almost a half of them have been submitted during the last 10 days – postponers of the world, unite! – we decided to postpone the judgment day to August 15th, in order to give the last submitters the time to promote their videos and try to get some comments – and to give the first time entries the time to get even more! So the two videos with the more comments in its YouTube pages at the end of the August 14th journey will get the bundles. And the whole final result will be announced in August 15th…


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