Music students of the world: we love you even more!

We agree that being a student could be a tough task. We all here have been students (excepting Mauve Force, who has been lost by his parents in Madagascar jungle in the early 80’s, then adopted by some wolves) and we know that – despite the joys of working hard, going to student parties and diving deep on beer and girls (or boys, if you’re one of the 7 girl ohm users in the world) – the music student life is mostly a period when every coin in the pocket is tenderly saved to guarantee student’s highest priorities: eat for survive and buy music/audio stuff.

That’s why Ohm Force has always been one of the few companies in the world to effectively support students, with a 50% off reduction not only for individual plug-ins but also for all bundles. And we intend to support you even more, making the process even simpler: from now on, you’re just supposed to send us a scanned copy of your student id card and we’ll give you a personalized discount coupon which will work for the whole student year, with 50% of not only for individual plug-ins, but also for any bundle or cohmpletion! It means that you won’t need anymore to contact us for each purchase begging for yet another coupon, and that you’ll be able to keep your coupon alive during your whole student life: just send us a copy of your new card next year. Music teachers don’t need to think we’re unfair: of course this new feature will also work for their 30% discount!


4 Responses to “Music students of the world: we love you even more!”

  1. 1 Byriel
    August 15, 2008 at 16:32

    Will this offer be available for 10th grade students?

  2. 2 Green Force
    August 18, 2008 at 08:56

    What it means? That like is a continuous learning process so you’re still a student?? Anyway, send us a mail to contact at ohmforce.com and send us a copy of your student card/badge 😉

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