Cause4Concern is back with a new album, now under Ohmicide:Melohman influence

Pandemic artwork

After a few years of inactivity, Cause4Concern is back again! Drum’n’Bass fans certainly know who we’re talking about, and good-music fans in general should take a minute to listen to their productions. This ohmfriend trio from UK used to be one of the perls of the seminal Moving Shadow label, before creating their own imprint, since 1999 helping define D’n’B boundaries. It’s been already some years since they started to use huge amounts of Ohm Force plug-ins when sharpening their sound, and we prefer to believe that there’s a mysterious relationship between their Ohm plug-ins use and their ever growing success. As they’re launching a new album, called Pandemic, with an even better polished production and even more creative beats and riffs, we’ll never know if we’re being presumptuous or not. 🙂 C4C Releases on respected labels Tru Playaz, Renegade Hardware, Timeless Recordings and again at Moving Shadow were to follow, and left little doubt that this was one crew to keep an eye on. Promoters right across the planet couldn’t help but pay attention, and consequently there aren’t many places C4C haven’t performed.
Melohman in their last album production
When we listen to Pandemic (to be released in December 1st) we realize that there was evolution, but their theatrical/entertainment side remains intact. They still sequence on Cubase, and Ohmicide:Melohman have contributed to distort several tracks on most songs (they sent us a nice screenshot, thanks guys!). Their sonic landscapes will transport you far away (song preview here) and their Dream Killer video will scare you. Cool !


1 Response to “Cause4Concern is back with a new album, now under Ohmicide:Melohman influence”

  1. November 7, 2008 at 00:36

    been giving the pandemic lp a lot of airplay on krisisdnb+love using ohmygod+other ohmforce plugs on my tracks,Bigups cause4concern+ohmforce!

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