First submission from America

First submission from the American continent: Will Coop from USA brings us a song called “Crohm” that begins with a dark-almost-gothic ambiance, then moves towards a melodic synth part and….. when we think that the music producers army would finally spread their Minimonsta waves to save the world, Coop’s soundtrack ends suddenly….! Click here to listen..! So we don’t know if the world was saved in a quieter way, or if he’s suggesting a new end to the story, in which maybe the musicians army was exterminated by biological weapons, in a fast reaction from the men in black.. Here is his own submission disclaimer: “I thought I’d use the Melohman to do a desolate-feeling military theme (robots always seem militaristic to me) at first and then when the human element is added I kinda freed it up. ChrOhm, of course, because they’re robots. I tried to parallel the change on the kit too, from what a drum machine could do to what only a human could!”…


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