Gritty melodies in the cohmpetition

Harrison’s track begins with a terrific dark industrial ambiance, that made us think on Matrix’s dominated-by-machines world, when the creepy robots fly surveilling humans-being-use as energy production cells. Then it cuts to a groovy breakbeat with gritty distorted melodies: “Via a series of your machines i have made a little ditty to accompany your story of the world today. I’ve broken it down into “early dark days”, “attacking monsta times” finished with “happy dance moments” – clearly the way out of global crisis.”, explains Robin with his own words.Click here to listen…

1 Response to “Gritty melodies in the cohmpetition”

  1. December 16, 2008 at 03:01

    Doesn’t resamble the comic too much but it grooves like sh..:-)
    Just miss a really fat bassline dropping in at some point.


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