Some ‘world music’ to the world saving soundtrack

A third swiss submission: Alexandre Borcic aka Krakatau made a tune called “World Music” as the soundtrack for the illustrated novel. Expect a little of everything: it starts with a cold and windy ambiance, then we have some 80’s synths, as other different instruments show off, each one making its ‘solo’ moment. At the second half of the track we’ve some 70’s synths, so we’re not only talking about ‘world music’, but also about some kind of ‘trough the decades’ music..  At the end we feel as if we are in a sunny spring garden, close your eyes and you’ll see it… Click here to listen..


1 Response to “Some ‘world music’ to the world saving soundtrack”

  1. December 16, 2008 at 03:05

    Very smooth. Cool instrumentation, well balanced sounds. And a super-nice synth-riff. Overall loudness could be a bit higher.


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