The average french gives his contribution to the cohmpetition

France attacks again! Bob “Lefrançaismoyent” (which means “the average french”) aka Bob Dupont follows the french tradition to just ‘luv’ making cool electronica over speeches excerpts, and this one is particularly well done, with someBush words (there are no Bush words, rather the speakers are McCain followed by Hitler followed by Obama followed by German cheers—the idea being that it’s all the same blabla, and that “none of the plans could save the day”), thriller ambiance, strings… click here to listen and judge by yourself; the only mystery is that the “artist” field in the track ID says “Jack McOck”, who’s actually a swiss guy and an good ohmfriend, who made this superb tutorial for the Symptohm:Melohman. Are Bob and Jack the same person? Are/Is they/he trying to fool us? 😉 To be continued… It’s actually Jack “the tricky guy” McOck, but it seems he’s tired of his swiss identity and is focusing on his new frenchy war name. Who are we to disagree?


1 Response to “The average french gives his contribution to the cohmpetition”

  1. December 16, 2008 at 03:34

    Jack McOck, the crazy guy from the fennec affair actually knows how to do good music. Looking forward to the next appearance of Prof. Schwarzenberg


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