Paul Raisbeck brings trippy breaks to the cohmpetition

Paul’s own words (read while listening): “Apart from the drums (which were BFD and Ultrabeat – no loops were used), a bit of Indian bamboo flute I played in the intro, and a bit of vocal I did in the last section, the only instrument used was Minimonsta. I tried to make the three parts have their own distinct characters, especially the optimistic part that was so necessary at the end after what had gone before. After hearing how great the other entries were, I wasn’t sure if I should send mine in – I haven’t played my music to people before – but I spent a long time on it, so here goes…It begins with the low thrum of impending despair, as military snares rattle-tat their hollow martial beat on the pauper’s echoing ribcage, and a gritty digital beat representing the oppressive and heartless machinery of the state grinds and whirs relentlessly, the cold wind of desolation whistling and curling through its chilly mechanical parts. This ill wind triggers the thought-sparks of the good professor, who immediately sets to bassline construction deep in his underground lab. Before long, it is ready to pulse throughout the world. Wailing sirens – as ever, representing the cries of the wounded political state – do battle with jackhammer minimonsta bass, but the phatness of the lo-freq pulses places enough pressure on the system that it is cracked by its own internal weaknesses. The siren soon screams its last. As the dust clears, a phat and warm minimonsta leads a sleepy-eyed chorus of the world’s children into the slow glow of a new dawn. In the early morning, they stand around the minimonsta’s glowing oscillators as they warm the air. Stimulated by the pulses, grass pushes its way through concrete, blue little flowers bloom from the bloodstained earth, and all is garden again.”


1 Response to “Paul Raisbeck brings trippy breaks to the cohmpetition”

  1. December 16, 2008 at 03:21

    Totally my style. Extreeeeemly cool. Part from 1:00 to 1:50 is one of my favourite parts from all songs in the cOHMpetition


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