Hong Kong also helped in world salvation

First submission from Hong Kong! Steve T aka SARcazm aka MidiGlitch aka Hardware Abstraction Layer (H.A.L.) explains his master plan (read while listening):  “In keeping with the theme as an illustration it is separated into 4 parts : Melancholy – SOS – Eureka, Bass! – In Eye of the Storm. It could have been longer overall, but I wanted to keep the whole thing under four minutes. Note at the end the reappearance of the starting bass drone, implying we need even more BASS riffs! I primarily used Symptohm Melohman, Ohmicide and z3ta+. There is one instance of MiniMonsta and I guess you’ll be able to figure out where seeing as it’s a barely altered preset! I apologize for not offering a perfect mix, but I was up against a dead line and dearly want a chance to win the MM and Ohmboyz, both of which I have coveted for awhile but not had the means to purchase (yet). Anyway, enough sucking up, and I hope you enjoy my effort. As for myself, I am living in Hong Kong (yup, the same guy who helped you out with the Ohmicide and SM docs), and this is my first offering for public listening. Please list the artist as MidiGlitch.”


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