Another producer that make his ‘debut’ at the cohmpetition

Josiah C. C. aka Elxicano own words, read while listening: “The subject of the competition is one that I have a bit of personal attachment to, as it concerns the economic crisis and over the past 6 months my financial situation has taken a huge hit leading up to a very uncertain December along with a very dismal (if not painful) looking 2009. Well… about the soundtrack: it was created with Ableton Live, and for synths I used Minimonsta:Melohman demo version, Schwa Olga (demo), Analog Factory LE, Synplant, Operator, Analog and Sampler. The drums were created using Sonnicourture’s Konkrete volumes 1 and 2, TrackteamAudio’s DrumCrate and an instance of microtonic. For FX I used liberal amounts Mobilohm, Ohmicide, Ohmboys and Predatohm (owned licenses). Hopefully you guys can enjoy this despite the onslaught of entries… please be nice as I’m only a hobby musician… actually you can be brutal, I got a pair and can take it (I think) :-)”

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