A pro submission from Germany

Pros are in the house, indeed. Stephen Römer is a sound designer and media engineer from Germany and explains his submission by himself, read while listening: “I tried to compose very close to the comic/guideline. The initial mood is introduced by an cold, empty and desperate sounding soundscape. It symbolizes the hopeless future of mankind. Next, the melody parts come in. A sad pad underlines the mood of the soundscape in a harmonic way  and some robotic arpeggio is added. The whole first part is very mechanical and industrial (hence the robot picture with the people listening to cold synthetic music).  It grows from sadness and despair to robotic and quantized movements (drumloop and bass). The drumbeat I use, was mangled though different plugins to sound very broken, bit reduced and industrial (I think the intention is clear). At first I wanted to put the bass in the background, because I wanted the first part being clearly distinguished from the second part (hero bass part as described  in the swissguy picture of the comic). But I solved it in a different way. Whereas the bass from the first part is very bright an “sawy” the bass of the second part consists of 2 warm and resonant  basses with a bunch of chorus make it even bigger. When I read “…very loud and groovy basslines..” I immediately thought of some funky 70’s stuff. Pictures of “Captain Future” and the Daft Punk Anime Videos came into my mind. For me, this seemed to work perfectly as a hero theme, since the comic had some similar impression on me. The hero theme is divided in 2 subparts. Immediately after the “desperate and robotic feeling” there is a break which leads to the beginning of the groovy and loud basslines. The first subpart develops towards the “busy and action feeling”, meaning there is a change happening in the world. Then the whole theme raises up to a positive climax and ends up with a harmonic “happy end pad” to make  clear that the world got saved! I hope the explaination is somehow understandable 🙂 “


1 Response to “A pro submission from Germany”

  1. December 16, 2008 at 03:50

    Wow, this one really stands out among the submissions regarding the production quality. One of my favourites. Very well deserved good ranking.


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