Some good sounds from the UK

He’s a pro of  movie and TV soundtracks, but it seems that making a graphic novel soundtrack could be as exciting for Stuart Fox, from UK, specially if it’s for a noble cause, such as…… well…. saving the world. We’re talking here about a complex piece of music, which has found a (nice) way to illustrate the scenery: ambiances, action moments, well done transitions, perfectly equalized sounds and reverbs, his clients will be glad to realize that his site’s domain name is not at all pretentious. It’s almost unfair with other guys who are just beginning… but if today he’s a pro, it’s because one day he started from scratch as everybody, and worked/studied hard. So click here to listen and if you like it leave him a message…

1 Response to “Some good sounds from the UK”

  1. December 16, 2008 at 03:45

    Cinematic peace. Nice new style and quite different to the other submissions.


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