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Russ Russel and Tony Maserati come to the Ohm side of the Force

Russ Russel and Tony Maserati

Two superstar producers has recently come to the Ohm Side of The Force, using our plug-ins in their last production jobs. First one is the metal mastermind Russ Russel, who produced Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, The Berzerker and The Wildhearts. “I’m really diggin ohmicide – it’s like you’ve been listening in to the noizes i’ve been having in my head for years . I’ve been using it extensively on the last Napalm Death album and it’ll be my default weapon of attack from now on.”, he said in his last mail. Second one is the living legend Tony Maserati, one of the biggest producers of recent pop music. To give you a clue about this new ohmfriend, this guy produced Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears, Fergie, BeyoncĂ©, Mary J. Blidge, Black Eyed Peas, R. Kelly, Jennifer Lopes, Christina Aguilera, Destiny Child, Rick Martin…….. ok, we’ll make a little pause for your to breath a little…… Maxwell, Puff Daddy, Will Smith, Sergio Mendes, John Legend…. among many other big names. “I was introduced to your plugs by a friend and as soon as I listened; went to download the plug-ins. Thanks for making something easy and interesting to use”. Nothing like having good friends recommending nice plugins! 🙂


Red Force’s double life: between plug-ins and comic novels

Red Force

What other plug-in editor can proudly tell that they have a comic novel star in its team? Yes, we can; so we won’t hide it from the world: when he’s not designing Ohm Force’s plug-ins interfaces, Red Force (aka Gregory Makles) creates comics novels, and he does it pretty well. Last weekend he was at the Angouleme Festival, the most important comic festival in France – so one of the most importants of the world, as french comic scene is the second biggest in market size, being only beaten by USA’s one. The comic book he’s carrying at the above picture is Stevostin, maybe his biggest success. Below you have a sample, and although it’s in french you’ll be able to take a look at his style. If you like it, find much more at the source.