Let them ‘Flux’ your sound !


If you at Orléans, in France, and you have only a few hours to make some tourism and check out what are the best things that this historical town can offer, what should you do? VIsit the huge and beautiful downtown cathedral? No way! Rent one of new public bikes and have a peaceful ride at the bords of the magnificent Loire river? Bullshit ! If you’re at Orléans, the best thing you can do is to visit the Flux headquarter. Why? Just because that’s where are made some of the best compressors and multiband mixing/mastering tools out there. State of the art plugins such as the incredible Alchemist, and the acclaimed Solera2 compressor. And that’s exactly what I did. Really great time with big boss Gaël Martinet all his Flux team : loads of chatting, loads of Nespressos and even some plugin testing in their nice studio. At the end we were all tasting some wine in Gaël’s recently launched wine bar and then eating huge meat pieces at their ‘office extension’ two blocks from Flux – where you’d certainly wonder how french women do to not fearing a 13 oz. beefsteak with fries while still being thin!

2 Responses to “Let them ‘Flux’ your sound !”

  1. March 16, 2009 at 09:32

    Gael launched a winebar and didn’t tell me? Oh, I’m pissed now!

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