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“Shellys and Ohm Force – Murderous Sounds” is the 2nd cohmpetition submission

Second submission comes from Melbourne, Australia: Nicholas Levey shows how he uses both Ohmicide:Melohman and Predatohm distortion units – with some additional spices provided by OhMyGod! – to create “violently distorted textures suitable for ambient music and soundscapes”. Watch the video then pay a visit to his myspace profile.


Cohmpetition’s first submission by Matt Walker (Smashing Pumpkins/Morrissey)

Cohmpetition’s first submission kicks some ass: former Smashing Pumpkins drummer Matt Walker  shows how he uses the Ohmicide:Melohman at home and during his drum sessions. Matt is currently on tour with Morrissey, and if you still don’t know what Matt we’re talking about, he was the guy on the drums from 96  ’til the end of the band…


Cohmpost video demo

A Cohmpost video overview made by the crew of french computer music forum Didguitare. It’s interesting to see the morbid pleasure that people seems to have while tweaking the cat squeezing ‘gauloises’ knob, french speakers/writers, if you want to leave a comment the forum thread is here.


Some Cohmpost Music made in UK

Peter Morgan from the United Kingdom has made some ‘fresh breath’ experiments with Ohm Force Cohmpost (right after lunching, very probably), click to listen


Cohmposting a Contra Clarinet with an Access Virus

Emmalee Crane wanted to show that Cohmpost can actually be used/useful : a piece for Contra Clarinet And Virus In D Major.


A free plug-in for the masses!


You just NEED some Cohmpost in your music. Get it in AU for Mac, VST for Mac , RTAS for Mac or VST for Windows. For your information, no kittens were harmed while creating the Cohmpost (just a bit ruffled, promise). Lawyer warning : Please do not use Ohm Force Cohmpost Mac version unless you totally agree with the license agreement. Waiting for your tunes made with, send us the links and we’ll post it here…


Be trendy on Mondays

Yet another post about twitter

As you may know, we are trendy hipsters at Ohm Force. Actually, most of the supermodels of the best haute-couture shops in Paris drive by our headquarters on Mondays hoping to catch a glimpse of the T-shirts we’re wearing and adapt on Tuesdays.

But don’t jump in your stretched Hummer. It is not practical to move around in Paris with that kind of ride.

You’d rather follow our twitter feed from the comfort of your home studio.

To spice it up, (and considering that we are needy people) we are throwing a quick follower whoring contest on twitter.

The contest has rules.

The rules are  easy :

When our follower count hits 500, the first fellow follower to tweet “@ohmforce NEED <plugin>” will receive the <plugin>.

<plugin> is the plugin of your choice in Ohm Force’s lineup. (protip : they have “ohm” somewhere in their name).

We will use the following notifcation email timestamp to pinpoint who will be the winner.

Of course you won’t have access to that information. There will be a bit of randohm thrown in.

We will not accept automated entries.

If you don’t win this time, there are and will be more contests and events to score some freebies with the Ω tatooed in the special place. And our store is always open with that crazy bearded man in the top right corner. (We call him the unhelpful shopping non-assistant)

So click on that follow button over there, and come back here, I am not done yet:

Careful, there’s over 140 char after that subtitle.

What should you expect from our twitter account ?

  • quick news from our OhmWorld (that’s where the scoops will come out first).
  • random trivia from the team.
  • links of interest, carefully trimmed by the manicured paws of our intel cats
  • We do read all @-replies and will probably answer.
  • Ohm Tweet designated crafters are Ivory Force, Green Force and Grey Force.

Signing off,

Green Grey Force (Yes, I am one cool hacker)


Cool theremin

This weekend we received a mail linking to what was supposed to be the first submission to our recently announced “Ohm studio video cohmpetition”, and we immediately thought: “Wow.. it must be some video pro, ’cause a few days have been enough for producing it…”… And then, when clicking the link, we realised that it was not what we’re thinking, actually it was…. even better! Unfortunately – and for obvious reasons – we can’t validate this video as the first submission, but we’d want to post it here anyway, because starting a week with a beard guy wearing a ‘beret’ and playing very well his own composition on a golden sheet covered Theremin is just… priceless…