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Threatening gothic distorted vocals powered by Ohmicide:Melohman

Loads of distortion on vocals? Colombian gothic artist Elamorte explains how he uses the Ohmicide:Melohman distortion plug-in from Ohm Force to process his vocal tracks. He could have made this tutorial without showing his face, but it wouldn’t be scary enough. His track is called “Suicide” and you shouldn’t listen to it alone at home…

Part 1

Part 2


Try winning an ALL-ALL Bundle at the Summer Electronic Music Games


What will be a great thing to do during this summer? Making music, of course! What about participating at this year’s edition of the Summer Electronic Music Games, the yearly contest organised by SectionZ? SEMG’s first edition happened during the summer of 2004 and experimented a wide success, with up to 11 different events, more than 200 entries and live web broadcast shows for the results announcements and playback. Since then it became a tradition, getting bigger year after year, specially the prize vault: for 2009’s edition more than U$ 60,000 in pro-audio related goodies have been donated by top industry names, and of course you’ll read the Ohm Force name on that list. Second and third places of each event will put their hands in a OhmBoyz delay and the “4 on 4 relay fresstyle” (a ‘four style in a row’ competition ) big winner will get nothing less than an ALL-ALL Bundle with all our plug-ins. If you enjoy musical challenges you should participate in the contests, listen, review submitted tracks and promote your own within and beyond the SectionZ community. Non members can freely download or stream music just as easily as members.


Will NIN play at your town? Go for it.


Our ears are still banging and echoing. Yesterday night 5 ohmen were at the Nine Inch Nails concert at the Zenith hall, in Paris. Great band, great concert. Statistically Trent Reznor and his NIN are maybe one of the biggest musical unanimities here at the Ohm headquarter. It was a special pleasure listening to what they’re are capable to do with two guitars and a piece of software you might know called Ohmicide:Melohman. Thanks for all band members for such powerful music and special thanks for Blumpy (a big nice guy from the from the NIN crew) for guiding us through the big nail side of the force. Will the band play at your town? Go for it.


Ohm Force Cohmpost makes another victim

Kasper T. Toeplitz is a french electronic experimental musician, who digs playing with noises, developing hybrid instruments with computers and all that stuff that many of you enjoy a lot. No need to say that he became crazy when he first saw the Cohmpost, and since that the plugin is present in some of his pieces. He’s very often making live presentations of his sonic perversions at festivals all around the world, and during last days he was in London, preparing his act, more precisely a track with 4 Cohmpost sessions, when he had a little surprise:

Kasper and Cohmpost

So our technical support has quickly answered this mail explaining that hmmmmm….. it would be better to wait for the end of the lunch break or….. finding some way to change the system’s clock. (below a video showing some Kasper’s music)..


An ohmfriend at Barcelona

We’ve just received this picture: an ohmfriend from Barcelona enjoying this summer while having a walk through the narrow streets of the Barrio Gotico, wearing the nicest t-shirt in town 🙂 Where to grab one Ohm-Shirt for you? Here, and they can be shipped worldwide…