Celldweller remix contest

klaytonBeing a Celldweller fan. It’s the kind of thing we think that happens only at other people’s families, until the day we surprisingly see it happening within our own kingdom. And what should we do, then? Well, if you think we’re going to lock a friend in one of Ohm Force cave’s abandoned dark rooms and feed him with a defrosted pizza, you’re completely mistaken! We’re open minded people and we do accept – and respect – our friends as they are. The proof is that we’re even sponsoring FIXT’s current Celldweller remix contest, which offers prizes from Ohm Force, Fabfilter and Cakewalk: if you appreciate his electronic-and-almost-trance-metal-rock, don’t miss this opportunity to have fun, show your skills and grab some gear. Nevertheless, Klayton/Celdweller is a first-time Ohmicide:Melohman user, what shows that he’s indeed a clever guy. And it’s true that he sculpted some very nice distorted landscapes in his tunes, which fits very well with his…. euh… we better stop here, otherwise you’ll start to think that there’s more than one fan here. Not at all, everything is under control!

3 Responses to “Celldweller remix contest”

  1. October 24, 2009 at 09:07

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  2. 2 lezneb
    October 30, 2009 at 16:21

    i was a celldweller fan until i saw this picture of him (and became an atheist), long gone the CoD days of metal, electro emo is the new sound– maybe he will tour with BT

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