Congratulations KVR! 10 years…

No need to explain to you guys what is KVR Audio. If you’re reading these lines and you’ve never heard about it, it means you’re not yet on computer based music production. Time flies and the biggest music production forum – and plug-in information resource – on the web has already 10 years, and to celebrate it they’re running from this week a huge give away with prizes provided by the some top brands. It’s not a contest or one of their legendary plug-in development challenges: it’s a plain prize draw, if you’re feeling yourself lucky you have a chance, just answer their online survey and you’re in. As if it was not already enough, you’ll be able to read KVR’s whole story and origins, told by its own founder Ben Turl, who shows all the ugly logos from the past and explain how the small forum from 2000 became the monolith of today…

1 Response to “Congratulations KVR! 10 years…”

  1. 1 German
    February 22, 2010 at 18:58

    10 yrs already!!!!
    I remember getting my first PC 6 yrs ago and finding about KVR.
    That’s where I got all the info I needed to get my feet wet into the rough waters of home studio DAWs and all available info sorted out.
    Happy One KVR!!!!!

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