Detroit techno: distortion and filtering

Many could think that the Ohmicide:Melohman is a plug-in for rockers and their guitars, and that the Quad Frohmage is gear for electronic headz. Not at all: quite often we see that many and many electronic producers are using the Ohmicide – from more subtle distortion warmness to hard-pushed tech heat – and many rockers are using the Quad Frohmage to shape things exactly the way they want. In the above video, for example, a teaser for the Kirk Degiorgio’s new EP for legendary Planet E records, he shows the screens of some of the gear he used to produce his new detroit techno tunes, and who could we find? Ohmicde and Quad Frohmage, the mighty duo… 🙂 Distortion and filtering are everywhere after all, at least in pop/electronic/rock music…


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