How to recycle dead instrument’s parts in a cool “Bassoforte”

In the last 2 years we read an ever growing amount of blog posts about people making sounds from the most odd objects or using pens, towels, Nike sneakers or even the dog shit sticked on it as MIDI controllers – and all of that to mostly make completely uninteresting music. Then we watched this video of Diego Stocco playing his hybrid instrument “Bassoforte”, made of parts from an old piano, a bass, a guitar and such. There’s hope! Not only it’s a pleasure see a passionate guy constructing a new instrument but he actually composed good music with it. Then we take a look at his site and realize: making music with his house’s tree and bushes and making music from sand have been his past projects. Already in the good music field, maybe just because in addition of being an music/audio hacker he has some talent.


1 Response to “How to recycle dead instrument’s parts in a cool “Bassoforte””

  1. April 21, 2013 at 01:00

    I have 2 saloon tokens. The very first is from the Silver King Saloon in Belton, Texas. One more comes through the Bald eagle Saloon in Temple, Texas. Does any person remember of heritage or the want with the two tokens?

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