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Off-contest poem by Paul from England

Paul is already cohmpetiting with the poem he sent last week, but he enjoyed so much the art of making Ω-poetry that he couldn’t avoid the inspiration to hit again. Ladies and gentlement, Paul’s new opus, obviously off-contest (aka “hors concours”) just for the art sake:

Aural Massage – inspired by Dub Reggae by Paul from England

tides and ripples of aural massage
soothe the frayed ends of the day
rhythmic, phat pulses of audio honey
with frissons and teases of subtle distortion
and crystalline echoes, impermanent sweeps
gently lift all the tensions away

Sturdy roots of choppy percussion
syncopate just off the beat
woven with streams of Ambient bass
kneaded and mellowed with hints of reverb
soft-padded out with subliminal wool
and physical stress shall retreat

But lo, a laser of sawtooth attack
repeating with sweeping refrain
vestigial bounces with structured degrade
looping across the binaural divide
fuzzing perception of spatial position
caressing all woe from the brain

Scintillant flushes of water-borne noise
defy our mind’s parallax
encompassing, edging and bounding our sound
ebbing and soughing, pushing, retreating
reaching, withdrawing, disturbing, resettling
and our entire world shall relax.


Christmas Cohmpetition 2010 is now closed!

We’ve just posted here the last entries we received during the Christmas weekend, so from now the cohmpetition is officially closed! A big thank you to all you guys who sent all these pretty poems, helping to make this Christmas 2010 much more poetic than average !!! The 3 winners will be announced during January’s first week. Will be chard to choose, the overall quality level has been great!


Christmas Cohmpetition submission by Petzi

Dear Ohm team, please find below my acrostic ( entry for the contest. Merry Christmas 😀 Cheers, Marc, (a.k.a. Petzi), Belgium.

OHM and my music and my DAW,
PLEASE my ears and make me awe,
MAKE me creative, make me happy.

THIS bundle of instruments makes me combine the future and the past,
THE voice of my muse in my head forever will last;
BEST heard with a headset, and best played at full blast.

CHRISTMAS carols, grinding metal, or sweet electro,
EVER since I use Ohm tools, there’s nothing I can’t do.
AND to make music just for fun ?
PICK the right Ohm tool, and make it happen !

ME and my home boys, using the Ohm tools,
UP to sky, we make music with our own rules.
AS the melody is born and gets out of our mind,
A bundle of Ohm instruments will truly make it one-of-a-kind.

WINNER of a Grammy, or only for my pride,
OF all things, music starts with a stride.
ONE after all, the Ohm plug-ins are used,
OF course none of their features will ever be refused.

THE wordplays for the plug-in names, are – if I may
BUNDLES of joy, in an electronical way !
I could never dare to ohmit such a fantastic tool,
WOULD you believe that it makes this musician drool ?

BE happy, oh my muse, and keep on inspiring me,
SO long as the Ohm tools in my DAW are loaded fully,
GRATEFUL will I be, even when dead and buried !


Christmas Cohmpetition submission by Philippe Delrieu

Christmas Cohmpetition submission by Philippe Delrieu from France:


Listen Listen Listen
Listen to the sound of the world
See See it!
Shimmering from the center of your life
Touch, Touch there!
Put Your finger on this tiny hole.
Do you hear it!
Do you feel living, alife, real.
It smell beauty.
It’s like all these silly plugins.
Put your finger on them and you wont ever remove it.
Just to keep this feeling
the Ohm Force


Christmas Cohmpetition submission by John Robison

Christmas Cohmpetition submission by John Robison from USA

The taste you never get tired of

Living fear was always your strongest suit.
Squirm to avoid the crush of the nazi jackboot.
Hoping things will get better
Wondering what really matters
You make as much sense as the mad hatter…

Sorrow is the taste you never get tired of.

Mr. Gilman believed strange things
We talked a few times in a dream
He spoke of OhmForce in a poetic fashion
Your comments are over the top in reaction
Too late to cancel the transaction…

Sorrow is the taste you never get tired of.

Decay spreads over the tottering cities of men.
The sword is so much mightier than the pen
White is black
And black is white
Dead relatives beckon you into the light
I don’t really want to fight…

Sorrow is the taste you never get tired of.


Christmas Cohmpetition submission by Paul

Christmas Cohmpetition submission by Paul from England:

Rejected by gnohm

There once was a young man from Rohm
Who thought he’d write a flash pohm
He wrote the first stanza,
with sheer eleganza
and thought that he’d produce a tohm

The second verse floh’d from his dohm
through the hair that did not need a cohm
as the fur was so sparse
to brush was a farce
and the skin was all shiny like chrohm

The third felt just like coming hohm
though he knew it was likely to bohmb
though doggerel it were
he felt it was pure
and scribbled it down with aplohmb

He read it to his garden gnohm
who buried himself in the lohm
saying “oh god my head
tell the earthwohrms instead
cos you’ve quite worn out your welcohm”


Christmas Cohmpetition submission by Neil Ewing

Christmas Cohmpetition submission by Neil Ewing from USA:


I’m broke need some new plugins

to bump in the club and get some hugginz.

if you dont say ohm then fool yous bugging

gots them sweet sounds to cut a rug friends

so if your virtual bump is deplorable

get some sounds that are affordable

them sounds thats sweet sweeter than sweet

almost free, but not cheap

make a tear creep on a ice witch’s cheek

ladies and gentlemen go with ohm

listen to this music geek