Christmas Cohmpetition 2010!

This time, and for the first time, a poetry one! Yes, musicians are artists first of all, and we know that you can touch your audience’s emotions either with notes or words! Get inspired by the poems we started to post from today and write your own piece of ohm-inspired poetry. The best 3 poems will grab Ohm Force bundles. Do it in English if you want or – as long as you send a link to a Google Translated version of it – write it on your own language! All submissions must be sent to cohmpetition@ohmforce.com before Christmas, they’ll be then periodically posted at Ohm Force’s blog during December. The result will be announced during the first days of January. The contest rules: the poem theme must be somehow related to the Ohm Force, you can use drugs such as alcohol or caffeine to boost your inspirations, and you cannot hurt any animal during your poem confection.

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