Christmas cohmpetition submission by Mike Moreau

Today’s Christmas Cohmpetition submission comes from Toronto, Canada. A piece of Ω-poetry by Mike Moreau:


An Ohm Force Christmas

Was the night before Christmas and at our Chalet,
Not one person Came over to hear what we’d played.
For the music we made there was no appeal,
It was dull, it was boring it completely lacked feel.
So with the deepest of shame we hung low our heads,
shut off all our gear and went up to bed.
But our sleep was short-lived as we awoke to a noise,
I was sure it was Santa bringing us toys.
But the thoughts of St. Nick were soon to be dashed,
As I peeked out to see four Boyz in strange hats.
Down the stairs I did rush with my trusty night stick,
“I’ll fix those darn thieves and I will do it real quick”
But upon my arrival they had all disappeared,
They’d ate half the food but they drank all the beer.
So outside I did run to give them a fight,
“To late!” I exclaimed as they drove out of sight,
But out of the darkness drunken voices did cry,
Predatohm! Symptohm! and Melohman de Ohmicide!
Mobilohm! Hematohm! and Quad Frohmage too!
“Enjoy them my friends they are all for you”,
My eyes filled with tears and my heart filled with joy,
I forgot about Santa and all his cheap toys,
So I ran in the house and what did I see?
It was that sweet All-All Bundle placed under our tree!
The following morning was such a delight,
As our friends all came by and we jammed through till night,
So happy were we with the music we made,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!

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