Christmas Cohmpetition submission by Jeffrey Powell

Hi all, Here’s my entry for the poetry cohmpetition  It’s called “Elusive Inspiration.” I like how so many words used in the world of synths and effects also have ordinary, everyday meanings.  I’ve tried to play on that a bit. Thanks for a cool cohmpetition!  I hope you enjoy the poem.  — Jeffrey Powell   (Alabama–USA)

Elusive Inspiration


It left me quite suddenly,

The exact time is difficult to say.

It was near the first day of winter;

That’s when my inspiration went away.


My life went into a tailspin,

An inescapable vortex of bland.

Nothing was as it was before

And no one could understand.


I withdrew inside myself

As the hours became days and days.

So, I thought of several ways to cope

And I pursued them with no delays.


First, I cut off my friends completely.

My normal activities ceased.

But my bouts of misery grew worse.

Their frequency increased.


Then, I went to all my friends

To find out what they thought.

But none of their words provided

The type of feedback that I sought.


The highs were nowhere to be found.

The lows never seemed to pass.

I didn’t comprehend how long

This phase was going to last.


Suddenly, it was over.

My computer was finally fixed.

The ohm force plug-ins were back, and

My creative drought was nixed.


I was back to being a mellow man.

My creativity flowed on and on.

It was great to see their faces again.

Welcome, ohm, my friends…welcome home.


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