Christmas Cohmpetition submission by V.C.

This submission for the Christmas Cohmpetition was sent by V.C. from Greece.

Les amants de petit four

I shall see you after Christmas
when the twinkling lights have stopped
at the alley where the choir boys
have woven hymns of Ohm

And we’ll walk along the graveyards
sharing symptohms side by side
with the long departed craftsmen
that committed ohmicide

Then we’ll dye our hair with stardust
write some farewell cards to post
please don’t throw away the garbage
let’s recycle and cohmpost.

Dine our hearts out at the Bellevue
and neglect this sheer douleur
It is meant, we can’t escape it
a so called Ohm-Force Majeure

Now the wines have turned to acid
and our laughter’s turned to fuzz
hope they’ll write it was some poison
not the long expired frohmage


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