Christmas Cohmpetition submission by Petzi

Dear Ohm team, please find below my acrostic (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acrostic) entry for the contest. Merry Christmas 😀 Cheers, Marc, (a.k.a. Petzi), Belgium.

OHM and my music and my DAW,
PLEASE my ears and make me awe,
MAKE me creative, make me happy.

THIS bundle of instruments makes me combine the future and the past,
THE voice of my muse in my head forever will last;
BEST heard with a headset, and best played at full blast.

CHRISTMAS carols, grinding metal, or sweet electro,
EVER since I use Ohm tools, there’s nothing I can’t do.
AND to make music just for fun ?
PICK the right Ohm tool, and make it happen !

ME and my home boys, using the Ohm tools,
UP to sky, we make music with our own rules.
AS the melody is born and gets out of our mind,
A bundle of Ohm instruments will truly make it one-of-a-kind.

WINNER of a Grammy, or only for my pride,
OF all things, music starts with a stride.
ONE after all, the Ohm plug-ins are used,
OF course none of their features will ever be refused.

THE wordplays for the plug-in names, are – if I may
BUNDLES of joy, in an electronical way !
I could never dare to ohmit such a fantastic tool,
WOULD you believe that it makes this musician drool ?

BE happy, oh my muse, and keep on inspiring me,
SO long as the Ohm tools in my DAW are loaded fully,
GRATEFUL will I be, even when dead and buried !

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