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Gradee & Trukers: breakbeat duo across the US and Spain

Seann Graddy aka Gradee is from Florida, USA – while Rubén Gómez aka Trukers is from Seville, Spain. Don’t think that the whole Atlantic ocean between these breakbeat aficionados was capable of avoiding them to make some highly danceable tunes as duo. No one said it was easy, as they use different DAWs and mostly have to send big files back and forth, but despite the difficulties the first release is imminent on Rune Recordings. Individually they have already released some cool tracks on several different labels. During this interview they tell us a bit more about their current collaborative work flow, and what are their main expectations about the Ohm Studio

How did you meet each other and how the collaborative project started?
We met through Soundcloud. We both have a slant towards breakbeats mostly of the progressive style. So far we have just been remixing each others work for independent record labels. Recently we decided to work on a track together, which made us start looking for a DAW with collaborative features – if there would be any. Ohm Studio looks like the perfect fit, for instance we had to found some other ways to do it.

What is your current collaboration method?
Currently we’re just passing stems back and forth and working in our respective DAWs. Obviously it’s hard to get a shared arrangement in this way. In terms of who does what we’re just experimenting. Trukers is better at the overall arrangement so he’ll focus on that. I’ve got a bit more experience with mastering. We both like breakbeats so we collaborate on the rhythm programming.

How do you manage the mix part of the process?
Right now it’s done mostly by one person once the arrangement is finished. With Ohm Studio I could definitely see this being much more collaborative depending on how it handles the plug-ins that the other may not have.

How the fact of using two different music workstations (Live and FL) affect your collaborative work flow?
We’re both very strong and very comfortable in our respective DAWs so of course we both wish the other worked in the same DAW. It makes what you can pass back and forth somewhat limiting and like I said it makes it very difficult to collaborate on the arrangment.

Between Live and FL Studio, which one is currently more suitable for collaborative purposes?
LOL, I think we’d both argue in favor of our respective DAWs but honestly unless both of you are working in the same DAW neither of them is super collaborative friendly and frankly neither is really set up to collaborate yet. It definitely requires you to keep the setup somewhat simple.

Beside the DAWs, do you share the same plug-in setup and/or same additional hardware?
We both have different VSTs so we usually just flatten tracks down to a stem and pass it back and forth fully processed. I’m very curious to see what kind of mechanism Ohm Studio has for users that don’t share the exact same VST library.

What are your main difficulties/frustrations about your current setup and collaboration method?
Basically we want to work together in real time. I want it to be like I’m almost in the studio with him if though we’re in two different countries halfway around the globe. I’d like to be able to do both voice chat and text chat while working on a track. I’d like him to be able to hear my VST process on an audio part even if he doesn’t have it. If he likes it then I could flatten the track and save it.

Regarding the analysis you could make of nowadays music collaboration scene, there would be more demand for a workstation providing seamless project sharing features (for an asynchronous work) or for seamless real-time features, allowing people to work together at the same time?
I think its all about having the option to do both. There are going to be times where you want to work in real time together, but there may be times where one person is working on the track independently. Giving the users the ability to both is truly where the power is at. Since real time collaboration has never been done that well yet , I can tell you we’re very excited about the potential of Ohm Studio.

So what are your main expectations regarding the Ohm Studio?
It just works. It somehow shrinks the globe and puts Trukers and I into the virtual studio together at the same time for the first time ever. It’s got to be stable. Bugs and performance issues can kill a potentially great piece of software where you first impression is bad and you never come back. I find Live incredibly intuitive to use. I’m hopeful that OhmStudio is similar. Don’t over complicate it!

Do you see the Ohm Studio more as a good way to make music with the people you already know, or as a good way to find new people to collaborate with?
Again I think it’s both. I find it extremely exciting to think that the virtual studio is now opened up to literally anyone in the world that has the same musical mission as yourself.

Where could we listen/purchase music made by you?
Both Trukers and I can be found on Soundcloud, respectively here and here. There you’ll find tracks we’ve done with each that are appearing on labels such as Rune Recordings, VIM Records and

What are your plans for 2011?
Trukers and I both getting a bit more recognition in the breaks community and we hope that something like OhmStudio will help us take our game to the next level. Bigger and Better!


Collaborative duo FTPP launches new (free) album

The collaborative electronic duo FTPP (you might have read the interview in which they talk about their project and the Ohm Studio) has just launched a new album, which can be listened to – and downloaded! – for free from their site… Check their new tunes out.


Hy2rogen contest’s final result!

Time to announce who’s gonna start 2011 playing around some high-quality loop packs by Hy2rogen and S2S, in which the whole Ohm Force plug-ins collection was used among the processing effects from Hy2rogen’s setup. The challenge was post a comment to this blog post telling why you’d deserve to win the packs and the best ones, picked by Hy2rogen himself are: “Sean Corbett”, “Toshi Milardo” and “YoNameTho”. Each one will get a copy of “Tech-House Song Starters”, “Main Room FX” and “Progressive Tools 3”. We’re going to contact the three winners by mail if they provided it when leaving the comment, otherwise, if you’re one of the winners and you don’t get any mail from us until the end of this week, please contact us at


Christmas Cohmpetition 2010’s final results!

We were quite surprised! Not only we have our user base is made of talented music producers, but many of them are also gifted poets! Once again, the overall quality of a cohmpetition was much higher than our expectations. Once the winner was chosen, we had a real hard time to choose the second and third places, so we decided to remove the third place – while adding an additional prize. Complicated? Not that much: Petzi is the winner and gets an ALL-ALL Bundle, while Jussi Vento, Paul and V.C. share equally the second place, grabbing an ALL-Live Bundle each. Four people winning prizes instead of the three originally planned. Last but not least, a big THANK YOU to all you guys who sent some Ohm-poetry, not everyone has the inspiration and the courage to write original content such these, so thumbs up!


Happy new year, contests’ results soon

Hi ohmfriends, just to wish you a great 2011, and to tell you that the result of the Christmas Cohmpetition will be announced next monday, as well as the result for the Hy2rogen’s sample packs!