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Lanvary duo makes collaborative progressive house music between Moldovia and Dubai. They told us how they work…

Lanvary is Alex Sanches and Andrew. They are both from Moldovia and already use to make music together there. But Alex had to move to Dubai because of his job, then online musical collaboration became a natural solution for them to keep their music duo. So it’s been more than a year that these two guys are working hard – and having a good time after all – remotely, and it seems that it’s being worhwhile: several tracks made, a place in our last Remix Cohmpetition’s Top 5 (as their former alias “Kinki & NKoder”) and already some labels interested in release their tunes. In this interview they give us more details on their collaborative working methods and comment how they intend to use the Ohm Studio for their future productions…

1- Are you guys more focused on remixing or producing your own tracks?

The collaboration has roughly about an year since we started the production on serious level. Everything started with the remix of a track of mine, but the collaboration slowly evolved in a melting pot of ideas for original tracks, and speaking numbers we have created more original tracks together than remixes.

2- What’s your setup (hardware and software)?

I do use MacBook Pro running Windows and Andrew (Nkoder) uses a PC, we both are on Continue reading ‘Lanvary duo makes collaborative progressive house music between Moldovia and Dubai. They told us how they work…’


Funkhameleon’s Quad Frohmageries

Funkhameleon is from Finland and have been in the Top 10 of our last Remix Cohmpetition. He made a cool french-housy track (massively) using Ohm Force’s Quad Frohmage, it worths a listen! His own words: “I did that one with a guy called Shine Fish, but I did pretty much all of the sequencing. So every single filter is done with QuadFrohmage and I have one doing something on almost every mixer insert – not necessarily always filtering stuff but also using the peak “filters” to boost some certain frequencies. I gotta say, I really love QuadFrohmage. It’s easy to use, the sound can be so funky and edgy, and it has so many filter types, settings and possibilities that I’ll never have to use another filter again.


Risko Disko uses Hematohm on remix and gives away the preset

Mario Vin Hager aka Risko Disko was one of the participants of our Remix Cohmpetition earlier this year (click here to listen to his remix) and ended it with an Hematohm frequency shifter in his hands. Now he shares with the ohmworld one remix he did for a track from Disco Ensemble called “Protector” – in which his Hematohm had an important role. “I used a preset slightly changed on the Envelope’s Tempo and Release and an adjustment on the LFO Period…voilá!!!  It’s in the build up between 1:00 and 1:28 that effect on one of the voices desceding like an aeroplane with an help from reverb touches.”, explains Mario himself. Not only he shares the track, but also the Hematohm preset that he fine-tuned, which you can download here.


“Stride” released with 2 tracks from the cohmpetition + Peter Martin interview

A few months ago we were ending our huge Remix Cohmpetition 2010, in which more than 200 young producers from all around to world gave their own vision of Derek Howell’s “Stride”. At the time “Stride” was still unreleased – Derek had just finished to compose it and gave us some hot and exclusive material – and today the EP finally arrives on Beatport. Even if we hadn’t included the “winner tracks will be released” promise in the prize kit – almost 5K dollars in top gear and a great track to be remixed were more than enough to attract a crowd – we knew that if one of the podium tracks would be good enough to be “releasable”, Derek would do it.

We were happy to see the submissions arriving and putting the overall quality in a high level, and now we close this cohmpetition in the most cool way: two tracks from the contest have been included in the EP alongside with the original, the remixes from Peter Martin and David Graña, respectively. N.W.D.K’s track, the big winner of this cohmpetition, does not fit Derek’s progressive house vibes and couldn’t be released, but he told us that he’s quite happy with his Receptor2 🙂 (click here to listen again to the original + winner tracks)…

To celebrate the release of “Stride” on Derek’s Master Lux Co. label, we’re publishing a big interview with Peter Martin (the guy in the picture below), from the USA, who grabbed the second place in this cohmpetition’s forum. Continue reading ‘“Stride” released with 2 tracks from the cohmpetition + Peter Martin interview’


Interview with Jakub, cohmpetition’s big winner

As we got several positive feedbacks about Sturphy’s interview, telling us that we could invest even more in this kind of content here in the blog; we’ve asked the very same questions to Jakub, from Poland, the cohmpetition’s big winner!

When have you started with music production?
I’ve been interested in music since I can remember, but I think I was about 12 when I started playing around with PRO TRACKER on my first computer which was the Commodore AMIGA 1200 – The Unbreakable Tank. However when I got my first proper PC I had fun with Fast Tracker II, ModPlug Tracker and Fruity Loops, meanwhile my brother was very into electronic music. He produced mostly minimal/Detroit techno and played live acts in the clubs with his friend. He had a small setup: Roland MC-303 groovebox, Yamaha SU-10 sampler and some keyboard I can’t remember the name of. Watching him and experimenting with his gear got me more inspired and interested in production and it was all about enjoying the music and having fun. It never sounded as good though as I knew almost nothing about mixing, processing and so on. Since then I had taken time away from music making and pursuing other things in life and it was just an occasional thing back then.

I really started to run with it about 5 years ago I would say… I decided to leave Uni and started working and saving for a proper setup. I kept on making music on my PC, learning techniques from the internet, books and music magazines, and successfully acquired together a setup and software, gained a diplome in music production in London to home in on my skills and to improve them.

Do you have a band, work as a regular musician or DJ (have a regular music work/activity)?
Unfortunately I don’t have a music related job, however I hope this is going to change in the future and be able to live off music as a main carrier, I suppose this is every producer/musician/dj’s dream. It must be a great comfort to be able to focus on music thoroughly, however I believe there’s a chance to make it through hard work and LOVE FOR THE MUSIC…so I’ll keep on learning and one day who knows. Anyone from Continue reading ‘Interview with Jakub, cohmpetition’s big winner’


Interview with Sturphy

He was the “Ohm Force Honorable Mention” during the Remix Cohmpetition, you can listen to his track here.

When have you started with music production?
I was programming The Music Studio on Apple 2 GS back in the 80’s and I remember thinking, “wow.. these 8-bit simmons drum sounds are amazing!”  I moved on to four track cassette after that which was so much … better?  At least you could flip the tape and hear yourself backwards.

Do you have a band, or do have a regular music work/activity?
I’m typically a one man show.  I enjoy collaborating, but it doesn’t happen enough these days.  I used to play in bands years ago, but I started to have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with audio technology and FX, that drove me to a solo path…

What’s your (home)studio setup?
I try to keep it tight at home. The Big Bits of Hardware:
Apogee Rosetta 200, Digidesign Eleven Rack, Great River ME-1V, Focusrite TwinTrak Pro, Dynaudio BM5A, Frontier Alphatrack, a Mac , various mics, guitars, basses, controllers.

Ohm Force!  Ohmicide (My favorite), Mobilohm, OhmBoyz, Frohmage and Symptohm PE. Pro Tools 8 LE, Reason 4  (50+ GB of refills these days… yikes… how did that happen??), Harrison Mixbus, Sonnox Elite Bundle, Massey (vt3, CT4, L2007, Tapehead, TD5)  (Massey rules!) WaveArts (Tube Saturator, Multi-Dynamics, Trackplug 5), IK – Ampeg SVX, Rob Papen Blue, GForce Minimonsta:Melohman, AAS – VA-1, Overloud Breverb, EZDrummer  (I know I know…), Mellowmuse IR1A, Audio Ease Cabinet, PSP 608 Multidelay, SPL Attacker (secret weapon)

Continue reading ‘Interview with Sturphy’


Remix Cohmpetition Final Results

The biggest winner: N.W.D.K (Poland)

↑ Great interpretation of the original track, this remix has such a nice balance between electronic and live instrumentation. A good electric bass sound, simple but efficiently groovy beat, charming keys and a superb flute as special guest. A brass and an electric guitar are also there, but without demanding that much spotlights on them, they just do their job. And we’re still not able to tell if it’s well played real live instruments or well programmed multisample virtual ones. Anyway, both would have been a very good job. Production wise, it’s quite well mixed, sounds are well positioned in the stereo soundstage, well done compression, filtering and delaying. Derek Howell’s comments: ” – I love the instrumentation, specially the flute! It’s such a neat remix, despite being in a totally different genre from the original.” Winner prizes: N.W.D.K is grabbing an Ohm Force ALL-ALL Bundle, Muse Reseach Receptor2, Camel Audio Alchemy and Sample Magic’s book “The Secrets of House Music Production”.

2nd place: Peter Martin (USA)

Derek Howell’s comments: ” – Very well done and very original, this is the kind of thing I’m looking for and will be releasing this one with the original mix on my Master Lux Co. label. Well produced and stripped down for ater night shows, but still always moving. Sounds huge!” Peter is bringing home: Ohm Force ALL-FX Bundle, Camel Audio’s Camel Phat and Camel Space, and Sample Magic’s book “The Secrets of House Music Production”.

3rd place – David Graña (Spain)

Derek Howell’s comments: ” – It’s got a great energy to it and is well produced. It needs a little minor editing, but would love to hear this one out live, it’s so good! I’ll be also releasing this one with the original in my Master Lux Co. label”. David is bringing home: Ohm Force ALL-Live Bundle, Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 and Sample Magic’s book “The Secrets of House Music Production”.

Ohm Force’s “Honorable Mention” award : Sturphy (USA)

Wow. Both Lindström and Prins Thomas would be jealous of this tune 🙂 That kinda tribal percussion, a glamourous and funky Rhodes melody, nice guitar and sytnh and several from Stride’s original sounds. All sounds seem to be processed and there are sound FX everywhere, but none has been overused, letting us just pay attention to the tune. It’s a kind of  psychedelic journey within the original theme. The arrangement is a bit chaotic, but it doesn’t matter, it’s still one of the best remixes in this cohmpetition so far! Not to mention Sturphy’s cohmpetition picture, we’ve been successfully using it to frighten noisy kids on the subway, such a pleasure. Sturphy is grabbing: 1 Novation 25 SL MKII midi controller and a 1 year Computer Music’s magazine subscription.

Due the huge success/popularity of this contest we’ve decided to increase the prize kit, so all you guys from the 4th place to the 10th place listed below – and your respective very good remixes – are winning 1 Ohm Force plug-in of choice.

4 – Dubocalypse (Germany)

5 – Nkoder & Kinki Shores (Moldova & Dubai)

6 – RiskoDisko (Italy)

7 – Klemen Kotar (Slovenia)

8 – Naveen G (USA)

9 – Funkhameleon (Finland)

10 – Jonathan Knightsnare (Italy)

It was really a hard work to choose only 10 winners among so good remixes, so we’re listing here the ranking until the 25th, for you guys listed here be aware that you’ve done a quite good job – much better than the average – so keep up the good work and we’ll be waiting you all at the next remix cohmpetition:

11-  Jarek Zand (Poland)

12 – Alter odiO (France)

13 – H2O (Australia)

14 – Colin J. Morris (Ireland)

15 – 7OOP3D (Germany)

16 – Lukas Drozd (Poland)

17 – Parallel Mules (Australia)

18 – Scann-Tec (Russia)

19 – Stone Owl (USA)

20 – Breathe In (France)

21 – Voinyx (Spain)

22 – Locobeis (Uruguay)

23 – Agent 19 (USA)

24 – Mr.Wang (Switzerland)

25 – Abunadh (Netherlands)


some stats about the remix cohmpetition

No need to say that we’re amazed with how this Remix Cohmpetition has evolved. It has gone much beyond our expectations: 228, yes, two hundred and twenty eight musicians/producers from all around the world have submitted their remixes. A whole cohmunity of guys that – would want to, in addition of the fun, grab some great prizes of course but – have as biggest common point the love for music and music making. A big cheer for all 228 cohmpetitors! Also don’t need to say that Derek Howell will need more time than planned to re-listen to all the tracks, 85 of them have arrived only a few days ago. So for instance let’s re-schedule the result announcement for friday March 12th. Please be patient 🙂 The good news are that, as it will be so hard to choose from at least two dozens of really nice remixes, we’ll very probably find a way to increase the prize list up to the 10th place. So here are some stats:

The cohmpetition pages have been seen 18.971 times until now.

The original version of Derek Howell’s “Stride” has been played 5.998 times.

The cohmpetitors come mostly from: USA(44), UK(33), Poland(12), France(11), Germany(11), Australia(9) and Belgium (6). But also people from Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Dubai, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, Ukraine and Wales !!!


The Remix Cohmpetition is officially closed!

WOW… 84 submissions received during the weekend, 10 hours of non-stop work to put one by one online, why do you wait for the last minute to send it ??? Plugging-in a 4th limiter in the master won’t help, sometimes it’s just about deciding that the mix is finished 😉 Well…. we need some pizzas. Or a huge steak. Tomorrow we’ll be back with some nice stats about this wonderful cohmpetition, and we’ll start – with Derek – to carefully listen (again) each track..


Remix cohmpetition submission by Dirtee Deedz (England)

Remix cohmpetition submission by Dirtee Deedz (England)