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Demo track for the Symptohm:Melohman Performer Edition free synth

Dutch artist Remco has made a nice demo track for the Symptohm:Melohman Performer Edition free synth. Except for the drum sounds (for which he used Drumatic) all sounds are from the Symptohm, take a listen! And then if you want to check out his tracks, there are many in his Soundcloud profile


12 reasons to love the Symptohm:Melohman synth

The Music Radar site is asking their audience “What are the best VST-synths you can buy?“. Swiss DJ and music producer  – and Symptohm:Melohman enthousiast – Dominic Reamonn answered their poll and copied us on his mail to Music Radar. You can guess his vote, but not necessarily his very own emotional reasons to love this powersynth 🙂

“My vote goes to Ohm Force’s Symptohm. Why? Because of all the synths out there that I have tried, Symptohm is the only one that:

  • Has an Ape’s ass as part of its interface
  • Has envelopes and LFOs per parameter (excluding Minimonsta, of course)
  • Contains 4 banks of filters with a total of 30+ filters
  • Has an Ape’s ass as part of its interface
  • Has delay times that can be LFOed for total glitch fests
  • Scares cats
  • Is fairly unknown, which makes me look different, and thus better
  • Was made by a sandwich company.
  • Can produce totally unique and expressive sounds with next to no effort at all.
  • Has an established YouTube fanbase centered around the works of Jack McOck and Professor Von Schwarzenberg.
  • Doesn’t crash any more.
  • Has an Ape’s ass as part of its interface.

And of course, because it has an Ape’s ass as part of its interface, I can spend less time purring over animal porn and more on making music. Ça va de soi!”


How to transform your synth leads in sonic heat

British hard house producer – and Ohm Force plug-ins’ heavy user – Tim Vision has recently released a new track on Spinball Records called “Overdrive“, and there’s no doubt that a guy who calls his track this way must be an Ohmicide:Melohman fan. So we asked him to show us what kind of distortion work he’s operating for his new track – in which he’s working right now – and he sent us these 3 audio examples: the original loop, the distorted version after processing with the Ohmicide:Melohman, than some additional liquid spices added by inserting a Mobilohm in the insert chain.

The original synth lead line:

With Ohmicide:

With Ohmicide + Mobilohm:


Threatening gothic distorted vocals powered by Ohmicide:Melohman

Loads of distortion on vocals? Colombian gothic artist Elamorte explains how he uses the Ohmicide:Melohman distortion plug-in from Ohm Force to process his vocal tracks. He could have made this tutorial without showing his face, but it wouldn’t be scary enough. His track is called “Suicide” and you shouldn’t listen to it alone at home…

Part 1

Part 2


Moog Voyager vs. Minimonsta:Melohman


“Can the pupil overcome the master?”, one may ask. You’ll now be able to see with your own eyes and – specially – listen with your own ears: rhythminmind from the “Signal to Noize” blog posted an in-depth comparison between the real Moog Voyager hardware synth and our Minimonsta:Melohman virtual instrument. Listen to the 24bit samples of each waveform then take a look at the graphs….


A GreenWizzard’s Minimonsta Video Presentation

Seventh and last cohmpetition submission comes from Portugal, from the cave of the GreenWizard, who shares with the whole ohmworld how he prepares his Minimonsta:Melohman wizardry. In this ‘more like a tutorial’ video you’ll be able to see how he tweaks each parameter section of the synth, and specially finally understand  – seeing how it actually works – that the Melohman preset morphing feature is indeed MUCH easier to use than one could imagine, and obviously one of the most powerful synth tool you’ll have in your sonic arsenal.


“How i use my OHM-stuff” by Colin Stark

This time our german ohmfriend Colin Stark (you’ll probably remember him from our first video cohmpetition, one year ago) waited almost until the last minute to send us his most recent production. Now he shows how he personally uses his OhmBoyz, Ohmicide:Melohman and OhMyGod!. (Colin, you have indeed experienced some technical problem when rendering your video, as video speed is weird and there’s no sound at all. The HD version is not working neither. Please render/upload again and send us a new link as soon as possible!!!)


Ohmicide:Melohman gets five starts at Layman’s Reviews


We started 2009 with the right foot: five stars to Ohmicide:Melohman at the brand new Layman’s Review 🙂


New Ohm Force COHMPETITION !!!

Melohman cohmpetition!

Everybody knows that GForce’s Minimonsta:Melohman is the best Minimoog reincarnation ever, a kind of “Minimoog on steroids” evolution from the classic instrument. But could you imagine that it would powerful enough to save the world from this decade end’s darkness?

Read the comic novel made by Red Force, show your production/composition skills and maybe you gonna win some free nice plug-ins! Ready to go? So click here


Cat invasion after using Symptohm:Melohman!

We we’re watching the new Symptohm:Melohman tutorial made the RĂ©amonn brothers from Switzerland, with it’s theory about cats and its weird zombie fennecs sounds when…. SUDDENLY a white cat enters through the window! It comes, has a walk and looks in an evil way, then goes out, this time using the door.