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System Heavy presents “Humming Bird”

System Heavy is an electronic act from the UK, and they’ve recently shared with us their last tune Humming Bird, that you can freely download/listen. In this track they used a lot of Ohmicide:Melohman distortion and several instances of the OhmBoyz delay. Enjoyed their sound? There is more at their myspace profile


Remco’s Ohmicide:Melohman demo track

One month ago we posted dutch artist Remco’s demo track for the Symptohm:Melohman PE and now he shows up again, this time showing his experiments with the Ohmicide:Melohman distortion. His Ohmicide demo track shows that this distortion – despite what many could think – is not only suitable for hard and agressive distortion grain. The owners of this unit know that the Ohmicide palette goes far beyond that, crossing the huge field of subtle distortion and ‘distortion to add warmth’. This demo shows us some percussive elements dictating the rhythm for some atmosphere/texture sounds, while the Ohmicide helps creating a global ‘soul’ for the whole landscape, the final result being anything but cold…


Ohmicide demo track by Dr. Beanbag

UK born and Swiss-based audio technician Jonathan Reamonn made a cool demo track for the Ohmicide:Melohman, which you can download here. This track is a great example that the Ohmicide distortion is far away from being limited to Rock or any other specific music genre. Jonathan’s distorted digital basses and distorted IDM beats are everything but cold, and if you like it and would want to taste more of his music, take a look at his site.


How to transform your synth leads in sonic heat

British hard house producer – and Ohm Force plug-ins’ heavy user – Tim Vision has recently released a new track on Spinball Records called “Overdrive“, and there’s no doubt that a guy who calls his track this way must be an Ohmicide:Melohman fan. So we asked him to show us what kind of distortion work he’s operating for his new track – in which he’s working right now – and he sent us these 3 audio examples: the original loop, the distorted version after processing with the Ohmicide:Melohman, than some additional liquid spices added by inserting a Mobilohm in the insert chain.

The original synth lead line:

With Ohmicide:

With Ohmicide + Mobilohm:


Hematohm and Mobilohm reviewed on Wusik Sound Magazine

You might already know what our heavy weight plug-ins such as the Quad Frohmage and Ohmicide:Melohman are about, but have you already wanted to know more about other Ohm Force gear like the Hematohm frequency shifter and the Mobilohm phaser? There’s much less buzz around these too, indeed, what does not mean that they’re less powerful than the others. They’re the kind of spice that masses will maybe miss but that the ‘chefs’ will put in a privileged place in their shelfs, take it that way. Ginno Legaspi from Wusik Sound Magazine is one of these sound chefs, and has recently reviewed these two units, sharing his impressions on the magazine’s last edition. You can read it for free here, and benefit from the moment to check out the whole mag, there’s a lot of interesting things there…


Zombies and Undead

Zombies have always been excellent company for a weekend. A point of view that our ohmfriend John H. Van Eaton very probably shares, specially after his recent work on the FX and soundtrack for new Urbanchillers’ horror comedy movie “E-Discordia Dating for Zombies & the Undead” trailer. A lot of Symptohm:Melohman, several Ohmicide:Melohman spices, some Quad Frohmage sugar and a loads and loads of blood!


Celldweller remix contest

klaytonBeing a Celldweller fan. It’s the kind of thing we think that happens only at other people’s families, until the day we surprisingly see it happening within our own kingdom. And what should we do, then? Well, if you think we’re going to lock a friend in one of Ohm Force cave’s abandoned dark rooms and feed him with a defrosted pizza, you’re completely mistaken! We’re open minded people and we do accept – and respect – our friends as they are. The proof is that we’re even sponsoring FIXT’s current Celldweller remix contest, which offers prizes from Ohm Force, Fabfilter and Cakewalk: if you appreciate his electronic-and-almost-trance-metal-rock, don’t miss this opportunity to have fun, show your skills and grab some gear. Nevertheless, Klayton/Celdweller is a first-time Ohmicide:Melohman user, what shows that he’s indeed a clever guy. And it’s true that he sculpted some very nice distorted landscapes in his tunes, which fits very well with his…. euh… we better stop here, otherwise you’ll start to think that there’s more than one fan here. Not at all, everything is under control!


How to fatten a Vermona M.A.R.S.

How to fatten a Vermona M.A.R.S., first passing it through an Ohmicide:Melohman, then an Mobilohm. It seems that yes, you can fatten something that’s already phat, resulting in some obese sounds.


Featured artist: Fedido (interview)


Some time ago Fedor Thonnessen has reached the second place in Delamar’s music production contest (with the nice track “Power Walk in The Park”, that you can listen here) and since that we’ve been following his musical moves, specially the MySpace profile of his duo Fedido, with his mate Guido. If before being at the contest podium their production already used to be powered by the Symptohm:Melohman‘s sounds and Quad Fromage‘s filtering, next album’s tracks (they’re now in studio recording it) are being tweaked with their brand new Ohmicide:Melohman and Hematohm. Fedido’s last album is called “Improclima” and it’s free, released under a creative commons license. We’ve benefited from the moment to know a little bit more about them…

Tell us more about Fedido…

Our trumpet & keyboards duett FEDIDO exists since 2003. My friend and I met in a jazz band where we both felt the urge to widen the horizon. We record a lot and then spend a lot of time in post production. My friend has started using effects from an old PC version of Logic on his portable computer with amazing results. Sometimes we use home made or royalty-free loops (rythms, pads etc.) Even though we never set ourselves a style, our music has been called « relaxing », soothing… It’s true we don’t venture into « savage » sounds – or, in my view, what *we* percieve as savage is still calm by general standards 😉 Until now, we have played exclusively for the pleasure we get out of it – and for the absolute artistic freedom we enjoy as long as there’s no money involved. Anyone can listen to our albums (two until now, working on a third) on , and we apreciate any feedback !

What’s your studio setup?

My main computer is a Powermac G5 QUAD (4x 2.5 Ghz), bought with still 6 months of warantee to go, when the Intel Macs started to come out. I also use a PowerBook G4 1Ghz, as well as a modest PC Intel Dual Core 1.6Ghz, which is more than enough for running well crafted Adobe Audition and Steinberg Wavelab (both quite old versions, but entirely sufficient for my needs).

On the Macs, I use Logic Pro 7. I started to use Macs so I could go on using Logic. (Having both worlds is a bonus as far as I’m concerned !) Pro 6 has been working perfectly fine for a while now; a stable setup is a setup I want to keep – so no urge to upgrade to Pro 8 right now.

I’m very fond of the proprietary plugins in Logic; I especially like the ES2 (a great and extremely versatile substractive synth.) The SPACE DESIGNER is a convolution reverb that sounds just amazing with sheer infinite presets from ultra-realistic to ultra weird 😉 Finally, there’s the no-fuss and still very flexible EXS 24 sampler, which accepts Akai and Giga format, which, again, is all I need.

My audio interface has been the Presonus FIREPOD for years; it has 8 channels all with mic preamplifiers, a very decent sound and a simple design that suits me well. Also a lot of outputs allowing for pretty much anything to be sent anywhere. I have done live recordings with it (8 channels come in handy!). I don’t know if an optical out has been added on the new version, I know people complained about “only” SPDF output on this unit…

I don’t want to sound too flattering, but my Ohm Force plugins ARE the ONLY non-Logic-native plugins I paid for! I started by falling in love with… was it Frohmage ? Ohmygod ? Anyway, i felt at ease with it instantly. Sometime later, there was a group buy, and I got myself the « All Filter » bundle, which included the both gorgeous QuadFrohmage and Symptohm:Melohman.

Now I’m exploring  my newly won Hematohm and Ohmicide (you gotta love them just for the NAMES, right ?)

What have been the concept and the starting ideas for making your contest track?

I essentially let myself being guided by the loops offered for the contest. To have sort of a background, I started with a homemade, pad-like loop (made with the ES2, a Logic synth), nicely distorted with Frohmage. I then let the synth loop (with lots of reverb to keep it distant, discrete) play along with my own loop. I then let both the rythm and bass loops kick in, as they played really nice together.

When I heard the organ loop, I instantly wanted to « trash » it, so it would feel like someone talking (that was the idea, anyway !) So I sent it through « BitCrusher » from Logic. I then stopped the rythm section and made the organ loop resonate / « sing » through Frohmage in a kind of midway-through « solo ». Rythm section kicks back in, organ solo ends, and I let my own loop have the « final singing », resonating through Frohmage as well. That’s it.

What kind of music your listen to?  What are your major influences and favorite artists?

I’ll try to be brief, because there would be so many names to mention… As a pianist, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea and… Vladimir Horowitz (classical) have had a huge impact on me. The Pat Metheny Group has been in my life since about 1978. I stopped listening to new albums for some years now, but his music – and, of course, the magical touch of his keyboardist and co-writer of most songs, lyle Mays – feels like home to me. I just have to add Radiohead… and Kate Bush ( !) to name the uttermost important ones…

My buddy and I both enjoy Pink Floyd, Miles Davis (especially what he did since « We want Miles »)… and lots more !


theMDR’s “Foreign Tongue” live performance

This is the newest theMDR video on the web, a live performance of their “Foreign Tongue” song. theMDR the current music projetc of our ohmfriend Matt Walker (former Smashing Pumpkins drummer and nowadays drummer in Morrissey’s band). This video was produced in Chicago by Flashpoint Acadamy of Media Arts and the editing is by Matt himself: you’ll find more details about it here, and also check out their brand new MySpace profile design…