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Ohm Shirt in the Netherlands

Electronic music producer Benjamin Pauwels aka Leister Pauwels and some mates, at the end of a party by the dutch label Power Versus Power some time ago. Nice t-shirt, Leister!



Demo track for the Symptohm:Melohman Performer Edition free synth

Dutch artist Remco has made a nice demo track for the Symptohm:Melohman Performer Edition free synth. Except for the drum sounds (for which he used Drumatic) all sounds are from the Symptohm, take a listen! And then if you want to check out his tracks, there are many in his Soundcloud profile


12 reasons to love the Symptohm:Melohman synth

The Music Radar site is asking their audience “What are the best VST-synths you can buy?“. Swiss DJ and music producer  – and Symptohm:Melohman enthousiast – Dominic Reamonn answered their poll and copied us on his mail to Music Radar. You can guess his vote, but not necessarily his very own emotional reasons to love this powersynth 🙂

“My vote goes to Ohm Force’s Symptohm. Why? Because of all the synths out there that I have tried, Symptohm is the only one that:

  • Has an Ape’s ass as part of its interface
  • Has envelopes and LFOs per parameter (excluding Minimonsta, of course)
  • Contains 4 banks of filters with a total of 30+ filters
  • Has an Ape’s ass as part of its interface
  • Has delay times that can be LFOed for total glitch fests
  • Scares cats
  • Is fairly unknown, which makes me look different, and thus better
  • Was made by a sandwich company.
  • Can produce totally unique and expressive sounds with next to no effort at all.
  • Has an established YouTube fanbase centered around the works of Jack McOck and Professor Von Schwarzenberg.
  • Doesn’t crash any more.
  • Has an Ape’s ass as part of its interface.

And of course, because it has an Ape’s ass as part of its interface, I can spend less time purring over animal porn and more on making music. Ça va de soi!”


Cat invasion after using Symptohm:Melohman!

We we’re watching the new Symptohm:Melohman tutorial made the Réamonn brothers from Switzerland, with it’s theory about cats and its weird zombie fennecs sounds when…. SUDDENLY a white cat enters through the window! It comes, has a walk and looks in an evil way, then goes out, this time using the door.


Korg nanoKontrol is a melohman dream!

Nowadays a lot of people produce on the go with laptops, make live concerts with laptops, and everyday a little bit more, have a laptop as their main music work center. In a studio is easy to pimp a laptop with several midi controllers, but on the go and live it’s not that easy to carry heavy hardware in your backpack all the time, and if you’re in a train or plane, no way at all to use controllers when composing compose. So that’s why all nomad producers will just love Korg’s new nanoKontrol series, with tiny midi controllers made to seat seamlessly in front or next you mobile computer. For all live artists working with Ohm Force plugins in wich you can browse and morph between presets with midi notes, it’s a dream coming true! At Korg’s main website there’s nothing for the moment concerning its price or release date; wich probably means that it will be released first only at the japanese market, and then in the rest of the world.