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Anti-music from Finland inside an envelope…

Today the postman brought us a cool envelope coming from Finland, containing two albums from Umpio – who seems to be from a noise-industrial-anti-music artist from there called “Umpio”. We listened to it and it’s not exactly our cup of tea, but we enjoyed a lot the album art and the FrΩage and Ωygod! (yes, I got that old mag… what a nerd!). So here’s some anti-music that uses your tools too. If you hate it, pass it on! Sources recorded to cassette tape → Reaper → CD. Oh la lá! Max respect! Pentti Dassum”. THANK YOU PENTTI !  And for all of you wanting to listen to Umpio’s (anti)music check his website


“How i use my OHM-stuff” by Colin Stark

This time our german ohmfriend Colin Stark (you’ll probably remember him from our first video cohmpetition, one year ago) waited almost until the last minute to send us his most recent production. Now he shows how he personally uses his OhmBoyz, Ohmicide:Melohman and OhMyGod!. (Colin, you have indeed experienced some technical problem when rendering your video, as video speed is weird and there’s no sound at all. The HD version is not working neither. Please render/upload again and send us a new link as soon as possible!!!)


“Shellys and Ohm Force – Murderous Sounds” is the 2nd cohmpetition submission

Second submission comes from Melbourne, Australia: Nicholas Levey shows how he uses both Ohmicide:Melohman and Predatohm distortion units – with some additional spices provided by OhMyGod! – to create “violently distorted textures suitable for ambient music and soundscapes”. Watch the video then pay a visit to his myspace profile.