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Predatohm review on Wusik magazine

Nothing like tasty distortions! You owners of the Predatohm and the Ohmicide know what we’re talking about. The first just got a review on Wusik Magazine, you can read it here.


Venomeza’s Tips n’ Tricks for the Funky Ohmforce n00bie

Did you know that come from Guatemala the biggest ring modulation fans in the world? Miguel Zea aka Venomeza is  indeed one of them. “Reeeaally basic stuff made with some Ohmforce plugins for the Cohmpetition contest. This tutorial proves that Ohmforce plugins can go as deep as you’re ready to. Plugins used: Quad Frohmage, Predatohm, OhmBoyz & Cohmpost all in FLS” says the video description, and what we were able to see is that with some Ohm Force plugins and some evil feelings inside your head it’s possible to transform cheesy sounds into nice (and useful!) pieces of sound. Ok, not that useful if we talk about the Cohmpost part at the end of the video, but it’s never too much listening to all that horny cats…


“Shellys and Ohm Force – Murderous Sounds” is the 2nd cohmpetition submission

Second submission comes from Melbourne, Australia: Nicholas Levey shows how he uses both Ohmicide:Melohman and Predatohm distortion units – with some additional spices provided by OhMyGod! – to create “violently distorted textures suitable for ambient music and soundscapes”. Watch the video then pay a visit to his myspace profile.