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Funkhameleon’s Quad Frohmageries

Funkhameleon is from Finland and have been in the Top 10 of our last Remix Cohmpetition. He made a cool french-housy track (massively) using Ohm Force’s Quad Frohmage, it worths a listen! His own words: “I did that one with a guy called Shine Fish, but I did pretty much all of the sequencing. So every single filter is done with QuadFrohmage and I have one doing something on almost every mixer insert – not necessarily always filtering stuff but also using the peak “filters” to boost some certain frequencies. I gotta say, I really love QuadFrohmage. It’s easy to use, the sound can be so funky and edgy, and it has so many filter types, settings and possibilities that I’ll never have to use another filter again.


Hematohm and Mobilohm reviewed on Wusik Sound Magazine

You might already know what our heavy weight plug-ins such as the Quad Frohmage and Ohmicide:Melohman are about, but have you already wanted to know more about other Ohm Force gear like the Hematohm frequency shifter and the Mobilohm phaser? There’s much less buzz around these too, indeed, what does not mean that they’re less powerful than the others. They’re the kind of spice that masses will maybe miss but that the ‘chefs’ will put in a privileged place in their shelfs, take it that way. Ginno Legaspi from Wusik Sound Magazine is one of these sound chefs, and has recently reviewed these two units, sharing his impressions on the magazine’s last edition. You can read it for free here, and benefit from the moment to check out the whole mag, there’s a lot of interesting things there…