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eMusicTips contest powered by Ohm Force


Are you a computer music geek? You know – or even better, you’ve figured them out! – production tricks that could be also useful to the rest of the world and make this planet a better place to live (or at last with even more interesting music to listen to)? And concerning the possibility of sharing that with everybody, in addition of the fame, the love, and the respect, what about getting some Ohm Force plugins for free? Hmmmm… we’re starting to talk in you language, hein?! .. (…) is a nice initiative from Cam Gaut, who’s from the US, but the site quickly became international, with regular contributors from countries like Costa Rica and Iceland (!). Their goal: create a skill database for electronic music production and audio processing, little pieces of knowledge that could surprise you. An example? Have ever an arpeggiated line inspired you to imagine some nice note variations? But it’s an arpeggiated line, so you just can’t edit the notes, isn’t? Well, it seems that if you’re running on Ableton Live, you can. It’s about knowing how to ‘record’ the arpeggiator midi FX output in a new midi clip, so you’re then able to tweak the notes as you want…


COHMPETITION: “Evil-fi your acoustic drum tracks” ! (tricks and threats)

The first cohmpetition submission is a tutorial for the Ohmicide:Melohman! The author is Eric Beam, from USA. He teaches how to tweak Ohmicide:Melohman til get your acoustic drum sounds EVIL-FIED! Eric is a drummer and often a synth freak, check out his two websites, here and here. Watch his tutoria and if you like it leave a comment not just here, but also at video’s page at You Tube. Most commented videos in its pages at You Tube or Dailymotion will get the “Public Choice” prize…