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Video Tutorial Cohmpetition final results

Here are the names of the lucky/talented guys who will put their hands on a 615 euros value ALL-ALL Bundle, thanks to their submissions for our first Video Tutorial Cohmpetition:

Plug-in Overview category winners:

“FrOHMage Tutorial” by Mitchell Kehoe from Canada (most commented)
“An Intro to Hematohm” by Juanjo Cotado from Spain (ohm force choice)

Tricks&Threats category winners:

“OhmBoyz Tricks and Threats” by Veit & Andrea from Germany+Macedonia (most commented)
“OhmBoyz Arpeggiator” by Ducho from Argentina (ohm force choice)

And a “C’est du n’importe quoi, ├ža!” special suprise prize will go for:

“The Fennec Affair (Symptohm Tutorial)” video, and we think we even don’t need to explain why we decided to create/give this special surprise prize. Just watch their video and you’ll agree these sick guys also deserve an ALL-ALL Bundle, indeed.

And last, but not least, we’ll give a free Ohm Force plug-in (of choice) for the first ohmfriend that leaves a comment for this post telling what the hell means the name of the special prize! But keep in mind that in order to participate in this flash promo/quiz/idiotgame you MUST live in a country wich doesn’t have frech as the (or one of) official country language(s).

Important: comments at video’s pages were counted at 15h of 08/14/2008, french time (GMT+1), so all posterior comments from now won’t count for Cohmpetition purposes.